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Helpful Car Cleaning Tips!

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    Car Cleaning Tips:

    -Inside window surfaces should be cleaned to reduce surface smog formation and to see the defogging process.

    -Check your wiper blades and replace them as necessary.

    -If you get a break in the weather, look at your exterior finish. Sand, ice and salt wreck havoc on your car's finish, and a quick wax job can be an effective preventive measure.

    -Spring is here! It's time to wash and wax your car. Put a protectant on the rubber door, trunk and hook seals, exterior vinyl and plastic trim. Clean the wheels and dress the tires.

    -Use a bug and tar cleaner on the lower body sides, the front grille and headlights to remove insect, road tar and other debris.

    -Choose a quality concentrated car wash and follow the manufacturer's directions. Use a mitt or sponge to wash as opposed to rags which tend to leave tiny scratches.

    -Dry your car with a damp chamois or soft terry cloth towel. Start on the roof and work down to the lower panels.

    -Vacuum and shampoo the cloth or vinyl seats, and carpet. Dust and dress the dashboard, console and interior door panels. Use a cleaner and preservative on all leather.

    -It's time to get your car's exterior protected and ready for the winter that is just ahead. Proper exterior washing and waxing bring professional results for the do-it yourselfer.

    -Never wax a car in direct sunlight or while it is still hot from running. The wax will be hard to remove and will leave an inconsistent, streaky finish.

    -Wax only one small section of your car at a time. Working in one direction, wipe off the wax. Then, using a polishing cloth, buff in the opposite direction for a high shine.


    Quick & Easy Way to Keep Your Car Clean:

    1. Cleaning the mats: First step is to clean the interior, first pull out the floor mats and vacuum them. If you have extra time, take out the seats which will allow you to vacuum in hard to get spots. Before vacuuming the interior carpet, take a stiff brush yet soft and sweep around the floor to loosen any dirt and debris.

    2. Windows and windshield: Always remember to clean windows inside and out. Use ammonia free quality glass cleaner for the windows. The best way to clean the windows is to make use of newspaper to wipe the solution around. Cleaning the windshield is equally important after each car wash. It will prevent the built up of the film on the inside of the windshield from the sun. Apart from that it will remove any smearing and streaking on the glass. Make sure you clean the glass with a piece of newspaper until dry.

    3. Healthy dashboard: Cleaning the dash board is not tough but it does need time and patience. Don't hurry on cleaning. Take a clean micro fiber cloth and wipe down the dash board. Now to remove the heavy dirt make use of you may use lemon furniture polish. Spray the solution on the cloth and then wipe down the dash board.

    4. Take care of stains: To clean any spots in the interior use foaming cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the stain, let it sit for 5-10 minutes and then wipe it with a clean white cloth.

    5. Cleaning it all: A cotton swab is an easy way to reach to the little tiny areas where cloth cannot reach. You may also use soft paint brush to dig out the dirt and dust from the crevices of the car's interior.

    6. Nice seats: Maintaining your car on regular basis and proper cleaning of the seats, the dashboard and carpet will protect the market value of your car. If you have leather seats always make use of moisturizing soap. Rub the bar on the wet cloth and lather it up on the seats. Clean the seat with the dry clean cloth. The moisturizer of the soap will leave the seats soft. For the fabric seats use protectant such as Scotchgard Fabric Protector. Follow the directions on the can to get the best results.

    7. Clean carpet: Keep the car carpet clean. Remember it needs the same kind of care as your home carpet. The foaming cleaner works wonders on stains. Use vinegar for tough stains on the


    Useful Car Cleaning Tips:

    1. Homemade lemon furniture polish


    ½ cup of vinegar

    Few drops of white vinegar

    Mix them and you can store it in a clean bottle for the use.

    2. If it is raining you should use mats for the car carpet. It would not only keep them stain free but also would save you that extra work.

    3. Vinyl protectant is great for cleaning the car interior but if choose to use it use it on regular basis else it would leave the dashboard dry and may cause vinyl cracks.

    4. Keep a dry micro fiber cloth in your car so you could use them to clean the car dashboard on long red lights or traffic jams.

    5. It sounds a hassle but believe me it is not. Everyday before taking out your car from the garage to go to work wipe down he car from outside with a clean dry cloth. It takes less then what you expect and who would mind to ride a sparkling clean car.


    Sometimes is hard to know the best way to clean the interior of your car. People know how to clean things in the house but aren't bombarded with the same options for car cleanliness. Here is our checklist for products available to clean everything essential in your car and keep it looking new, whether it be for your own satisfaction, following a hire, or for that of a prospective buyer if looking to sell.

    Dashboard Cleaner
    There are various different forms of cleaner for dashboards to suit your needs. These products are usually categorized under the name “Car Trim Cleaners” and come in wipe, formula and spray form, depending on your preference. Options include fragrances such as lemon, vanilla and strawberry as well as un-fragranced for those who aren't fans of fragrance omitting cleaners.

    Be aware that these cleaners are made for both matt and gloss finishes, so be sure to get the right one. These dashboard cleaners can also be used for all the trim in the car with great results. Most also have anti-static mixes so you don't get any of the static build up that seems to occur on hot summer days.

    Glass Cleaner
    These can be used inside and out and are covered in a little more detail in the exterior section. Those who often have problems with windows steaming up should keep an eye out for glass cleaners with anti-fogging formulas.

    Upholstery Cleaner
    Those with kids will know of the inevitability of spillage and mess that can occur on upholstery which always seems worse if the car is hired. And lets face it, its not just the kids that slip up, passengers with drinks, mixed with emergency stops can result in unwanted spillage.

    Upholstery cleaners come in various forms for various types of interior, whether they be leather or fabric and not to forget the parcel shelves and foot well carpets either. Shampoos are the most versatile cleaner for interiors and will suffice for most material types including vinyl coverings and even soft tops as well as all standard seating materiel. For leather however you should look at investing in a good leather specific cleaning spray which will also help condition, prolonging its life and help maintain the look of the leather.

    Car Plan Stain Valet is a great product that can be used for stain removal as its not advisable to use household stain removal products in your car.

    Car Wipes
    All of the above types of car cleaner can also be found in wipe form for cleaning up mess as it happens. These include cockpit wipes for trim and dash, glass wipes for cleaning off mess from inside and outside the car including wipes made for cleaning dead insects off the windscreen for those times when the windscreen wipers just keep making it worse!

    Vacuum Cleaners and Steamers
    A good domestic vacuum cleaner can do the job at cleaning a car although there are plenty on the market specifically for use in vehicles. The advantage of these will be the ease of portability to your car and many features that will help you clean parts of that normal vacuum cleaners would struggle to reach.

    Steamers can also be purchased for shifting more stubborn dirt from upholstery and trimming but would only be required for more serious stains. The investment of time and money with a steamer is well worth the results and for a clean fresh car it can not be beaten.


    Keeping the outside of your car clean and sparkling can be just as simple as taking it to a drive through car wash, but they never seem to have quite the same effect as a good hand wash. These easily available products can really make your car shine and help restore your vehicle.

    Body Wax
    Drive through car service waxing options are rarely as good as doing it yourself as you often get left with smears on the windscreen after using the wipers or spots of wax all over you body work which can make the car look dirtier then before you started. With products like those of the well known Turtle Wax brand it takes a little time but the results are far more effective and satisfying. Waxing also helps protect your car paintwork and in the long run helps keep rust at bay meaning your car will hold its value better.

    Bumper and Exterior Trim Cleaner
    Many people don't realize that cleaning and waxing your bumpers and trims will make them look as good as new. With a nice clean car these are the last parts you'd want looking out of place.. Also, if your bumpers have been bleached by the sun over time, then colored polish will help to restore some of those grays back to the proud blacks they once were!

    Wheel Cleaner
    Dedicated cleaners and polishes are available for wheels and wheel alloys to keep them sparkling. These include hand sprays for removing tough dirt and aerosols with stronger formulas for the more stubborn jobs.

    Finish Restorer and Scratch Remover
    White cars can start to discolor over time but that's no reason to worry, you can restore that bright white finish without having to worry about anything as serious as a re-spray. Products like T-Cut will be able to remove just enough of the degraded paint to reveal the vibrant color beneath. It is not recommended for regular usage but is highly recommended and perfectly safe when you begin to feel the color isn't what it used to be. Its not just white cars that are catered for though! These products will work on all finishes although results will be more noticeable on some colours more then others.

    Pressure Washers
    If you are one for adventure and your car regularly gets dirty or muddy then you'll not regret buying a pressure washer. Where manual washing would take hours, a good pressure washer can make swift work of a clean. Being relatively cheap you wont have to break the bank to sample the benefits, although its worth remembering that you get what you pay for, pricier washers will last longer and clean faster.

    Cloths and Sponges
    Choose the best cloth or sponge for the job! Low quality cloths can often leave tiny scratches, which if your waxing a car can leave noticeable damage. It might not be noticeable to most passers by but once you've seen it you wont forget it! You'll find a great selection of cloths and sponges in the shops adjacent to the cleaning products and they'll all be labeled for there best purpose!

    Some information provided by:
    WOW!!!!! So much I didnt know..... Thanx for the write-up Nadia
    Your welcome!
    Excellent write up nadia..very usefull
    Thanks. I figured alot of people would find this useful!
    thanks for this post Nana

    made it a sticky
    Welcome & Thanks.

    Theres alot of little useful tips everyone should learn in order to keep not only their cars clean, but maintain a high market value price for the car.
    thumbs up for this thread! =]
    100 thumbs up for the right info...
    Thank you!
    Car-cleaning expert Prentice St. Clair shares easy tips and tricks for cleaning a car:

    The most important thing to remember with spills is to get them up quickly before they have a chance so soak in and set.

    When vacuuming, use the duster brush attachment to get in all the nooks and crannies of the dashboard, center console and door panels. If you don’t have an attachment, use a paintbrush to dislodge the dust.

    Use the crevice tool to reach between seats and the console to dislodge food crumbs and other hidden treasures. Remember to move the seats to their extreme front and back positions.

    Don’t forget to vacuum the seams on seats, where dirt accumulates and breaks down the material.
    For upholstery, use a mild solution (a couple of drops per gallon) of dishwashing detergent and water to clean seats. Dip a clean towel into the solution and rub gently.

    For leather upholstery, a leather cleaner is recommended, although this homemade cleaner can be used. After cleaning leather, rub in a conditioner. Use the treatment every six months.

    If you have tinted windows, it is better to use an alcohol-based rather than ammonia-based glass cleaner because the ammonia can break down the tint.

    A good way to get streak-free windows is to use a microfiber towel.

    Don’t forget to clean the rear-view mirrors and side windows.

    Clean the instrument panel with a clean microfiber cloth.

    Keep a towel underneath your seat to quickly clean up spills on fabric upholstery. Instead of rubbing the spill, try pressing down with the towel to soak it up. For more stubborn stains, try using the mild cleaning solution from above.

    If you do use a spray stain remover, be sure you go back with a clean damp towel to remove any residual cleaner, which acts as a magnet for dirt when left on the seat.

    Combat red stains with the following tip: Fill a spray bottle to the top with 90 percent water and 10 percent ammonia. Spray on the red stain, wetting well. Place a damp clean towel over the stain and press with a hot iron. This will transfer some of the dye into the towel. Repeat spraying and ironing, and most of the red stain should come out.

    This thread hypnotized me into cleaning up my interior.. Which I haven't done in a reaally long time. I didn't really notice how dirty the dash and everything was until I started wiping them down. Holy smokes the paper towels were black as sin Oh, and I purchased my first can of Invisible Glass earlier today and it is the greatest glass cleaner I have ever used! Idk why I didn't pick up a can sooner! :frown:
    Yay! I'm glad my thread inspired you. Just yesterday I was outside in the cold weather cleaning my interior.. lol
    Nice post! Good looking out.
    Wow great write up! Very informative. Talk about information overload.

    Just thought I'd throw this out there, I have been using Eagle One glass cleaner with a microfiber towel. All I can say is after I wash my car and dry the windows, once I use the cleaner on my windshield, windows, and rear window it's as if the glass itself it crystal clear!

    ^ Oh really? I wanna try it. Never tried that product before.
    Yeah a friend suggest eagle one to me and it works great. I haven't used it with anything but a microfiber cloth so I'm not sure if that helps at all.

    Thnx...these tips are all really useful
    alpha_zulu wrote:
    Wow great write up! Very informative. Talk about information overload.

    Just thought I'd throw this out there, I have been using Eagle One glass cleaner with a microfiber towel. All I can say is after I wash my car and dry the windows, once I use the cleaner on my windshield, windows, and rear window it's as if the glass itself it crystal clear!

    is the eagle one safe for tints?? I use the invisble glass right now but I'm almost out
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