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Car wash tips

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    My car is very dirty from driving 817 miles last weekend. I want to wash it but I've never used one of those self serve car washes before. Does anyone have any tips for me? I'm used to washing my car in my parets driveway but I don't live at home any more. Please help. Gotta kill se time before I get my oil changed today.
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    there was a recent thread on washing the car.... lost it though.

    it went into the clay bar process.

    Self-serve wash isn't bad. Just make sure you dry thoroughly after and don't just drive off. But you gotta wash fast (cuz they always cheat u on time for what u pay lol)

    High-press soak, Foam brush, High pressure rinse, Light rinse.

    If you're good, u can do it in about 5 minutes tops.

    over here it's $2.50 for 8 minutes..... just fyi
    Oh the pressure!!! Its $2 for 5 minutes I believe. So I can take a little time. I'll let you know how it turns out.
    If your going to go to a car wash, I would stay away from the car washes w/ the brushes. They can scratch your finish, you're better off going to a brush less car wash. For best results would be to wash by hand and chamois dry. I would also recommend having the under carriage sprayed out, some car washes offer this.
    Dylan06tc wrote:
    Oh the pressure!!! Its $2 for 5 minutes I believe. So I can take a little time. I'll let you know how it turns out.

    IMPORTANT: Always spray the brush before you use it. People tend to scrub their tires last which leaves rocks and dirt on the brush which scrahes your car.
    Take too long and you basically end up paying for the touchless automatic wash basic price! LOl

    Just check out the touchless wash also, most places have touchless and a few self wash spots attached to it.

    If it's $7 or $8 for the touchless, and you're paying $2 for 5 minutes, u better make sure you get yo a$$ in high gear lol.

    and $2 for 5 minutes, gee that's awefully cheap. I'd be hesitant about the brush they offer.... and soap too... I drove past a few places in Michigan on a trip once, $3 for a FULL automatic wash, im like HECK NO WTH!? LOL
    I didn't it wish time to spare. Didn't use the brush. It looked really bad. I'm gonna give my car a proper scrub when I get back to my parents house. But since I'm at school it really my only option right now. I think I did a pretty job. Only problem I still get either hand washing or slef wash car wash is little spots in my windows. I dry them first. It's not too bad but still slightly annoying. Only noticeable if you are looking for it. Gets better every time I was my car.
    I could give some tips for car washing!!

    1) Never wash the car under the sunlight. Wash them under the shadow of the tree. If you wash it under the sun, soap foam will dry on the surface. After the wash water droplets would make spots on it.

    2) Utilize microfiber towels for car washing. they pull the dust from the surface effectively.

    3) Keep 4 - 5 microfiber towels, if your car really dirty u need extra towels to clean.

    4) Never leave the car to dry as such after the washing. use some scratch-free and lint-free cloth to dry it. Then only you could escape from spots.
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