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New car time

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    I am thinking of getting a new car and getting rid of my piece of junk BMW. I am looking at a used car in the under 10k range.

    I am looking at the Mazda Miata, Mazda RX-8, Scion tC.

    I just do not know about the RX-8. Is this a reliable car or does it have issues. I am really looking for an inexpensive reliable car for my daily driving needs.

    Thanks if you can help and before you suggest evos, subbies and other things I am not in the mood to have to rebuild turbos or their engines since in the under 10k range they have been beat.
    don't get an rx-8
    my old boss had one and so did my best friends brother in law.
    all they did was complain about the problems they had.
    my friends brother in law was even a mechanic and he said the rx-8 was his least favorite car of all time.
    they both said it's not a very reliable car.
    personally i'd take the tc. miatas aren't exactly the nicest looking cars
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    The Renesis Engine is a bear to work on, the Nissan 350Z scored better in over all performance and handling compared to the RX-8. I'd personally go with a Nissan 350Z/Infiniti G35, Scion tC/FR-S or BR-Z. Miata's are nice if you like Roasters, not my cup of tea. Another car I personally like and would love to build is a Lexus GS 300. Engines are indestructible, read up on these and lots of great reviews and a vehicles that hasn't been beaten to death like Honda's, Evo's and Subies.
    The problem with the 350 is the price tag on them. I could not remember if the rx-8 was reliable, but I figured it was kind of junky. I do like the body design of them.

    I looked at g35 but the price vs miles I find is outrageous. I have owned multiple roadsters in my life hence why I lean to the Miata, plus they are know for being reliable.
    Foreign made vehicles like Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Infiniti, Subaru for ex tend to bring top dollar for their reliability and dependability. If the Miata suits your needs and taste I say do it, they are pretty popular but don't see all that many being modded.
    I would not get and rx8 they have horrible gas mileage and a rotary engine.
    Toyota and Honda are the only brands I would own. I would suggest a scion tc, or
    Toyota MR2 spyder,Lexus IS300,and Honda s2000.
    Yeah my choice back then was to get a tC, rx8, or an rsx but i heard all the issues that rx8 owners were having so i went with the tC. I'm happy with my decision. Can't go wrong with Toyota.
    I wouldn't even consider a Nissan/infinity if you're looking for reliability. You should get a miata. Would it be new.or used? You could always look at an s2000 as well but most of those are beat on pretty hard.
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    I have heard both good and bad on the RX-8. Did a bunch of research on the RX-8 forums and the general consensus was that the RS-8 is an excellent machine if you're willing to keep up on it. The biggest reason why the RX-8 gets such a bad rep is because of ignorance. Most people don't do their research on the Rotary and treat it like a normal 4cyl and that's a bad bad bad thing.

    General tips were to check your oil like it's turbo, so every fill up and add oil as necessary.

    REDLINE the car at least once a day to get rid of the carbon build up. **VERY important** and most common cause of engine failure in the Rotary. Carbon will build up on the apex seals and kill the compression

    To avoid flooding, never-ever-ever-ever start your car up, move it and shut it down in a period of time less than 5 minutes... in other words always give it time to warm up. 5 minutes minimum, before shutting it off.

    You will at some point in time check the oil and come across a frothy milkshake looking residue on the dipstick. This is normal and caused by condensation and means that the operating temp of the engine is not warm enough.

    This link below was by far the best, most comprehensive and informing advice about the RX-8.
    RX-8 New Owners manual

    To sum it up, to own an RX-8 is to be a person who LOVES cars and is meticulous about their car. People that complain that the engine is bad really have no idea that the Rotary cannot be treated like a regular piston engine. For this reason alone, I'm extremely tempted to pick up a RX-8 after I'm done with the tC. I LOVE a good challenge.
    TCCCC hands down! just because i love mine lol
    From a Reliability P.O.V I would go tC.
    Since you already have one in the family, I would go with S2K Although finding one for 10k is going to be hard.
    Miata would be my choice. RWD, light as a feather and much more fun to drive than the other 2.

    Unless you're going to a twin or triple rotary setup, avoid the RX-8.
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    Lol rx8s are way better than a z33 platform. Z33 and the g35 counterparts are pigs and also get just as bad mileage as the rx8. Rotories require keeping up with oil changes and not destroying the apex seal by overheating it; which I have no doubt Rene you will have no problem keeping up with. They're a great car to drive being lightweight and with some suspension and more weight reduction, they can keep up with many cars on the road today. The renesis (13b-msp) is a fantastic engine and rotories are so smooth with the power delivery. No more overlap though so none of that brap brap sound you get with a 13b-rew or older engine. You should test drive one and see how you like it. I love them but I'm set on a FD or fc in my future.

    Web, the rx8 is a two rotor engine (13b-msp) and a 20b (3 rotor) project is insanely expensive because you have to Fab a brand new front subframe to hold the engine.
    I have decided not to bother with RX-8 since I am not really in the mod to deal with the whole rotary engine. I know some about it, but not enough to really put the time in. I am working on either the miata, 350z (if I can find at right price and miles) and I would not mind the S2000 but again many are beat.
    In that case 350z or s2000
    Ever think about finding a used is300?
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