What's up guys,

I have convinced the wife to let me sacrifice the scion to become a dedicated track car. its a 2011 with an auto which really sucks, but that's what I've been given the approval for so piss off lol. I've got a hoist and some extra money to throw at this thing in stages to make it a fun little race car, I will also be making a YouTube channel to show you all of the shenanigan's. I am a somewhat trained mechanic with a good bit of mechanical sympathy so we shall see.

a few guys that will be joining me in the adventure is an electrical engineer, a heavy diesel mechanic and a millwright so we will be able to make some shit happen.

Also I live about 15 minutes from Shannonville racetrack local in Ontario Canada so I will have a place to test out my mods.

hope to hear from you boys here with any suggestions as to what I should do with the car. (I'm looking on copart for a crashed manual TC)