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Audio FAQ Answers:

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    Q: If I install an after market head unit do I loose the functionality of my buttons (volume, change track, Etc.)

    A: Yes

    Q: Where is a good place to put my ground wire?

    A: I have my ground wire underneath the back seat, when placing the ground be sure to sand away the paint as to get a good contact point for the ground.

    A 2: You may be able to place the ground down by your spare as well. Basic Idea for the Ground is to make sure it makes good contact with the metal. So that it can do as the name says and Ground the amp.

    Q: Where do I run the Power cable through the fire wall for my amp?

    A: The best place I have found to run the power wire is through where the other wires are running through right above the steering wheel.

    Q: How do I remove my stock head unit?


    Q: How many wiring harnessing are needed?

    A: You just need this one Scosche 1987-Up Toyota TA02 (Wire Harness) $9.95 Free Shipping - which will come with two seperate connectors in this, one for the speakers and the other for power and such.

    Q: What color is the Remote Wire?

    A: The Remote wire is going to be Blue/white striped. This and the Power Antenna can be hooked together.

    Q: Where can I pick up a Stereo Harness for a 1 Din radio?

    A: The Stereo Harness you will need is Scosche Scion 2004-Up. SCN2056 (Stereo Harness) $15.95 Free Shipping

    Q: Is our stock radio a 2 Din?

    A: Yes

    Q: I can't get my amp to work whats wrong?

    A: Make sure you have checked your power wire and the fuse on that making sure the connection is good and the fuse is not blown, make sure your remote wire is connected correct, also make sure your Ground wire is connected properly, and the fuse on the amp it's self is not blown.

    Q: Why do you need an amp and why does it matter how many watts you do or do not have?

    A: When you install a sub into your car it can not draw enough power by it's self thus an amp comes into play, an amp does as the name says it amplifies the power (signal) to your speakers.

    Q: What does a head unit have to do with your subs?

    A: A head unit doesn't have much to do with you subs the only main reason I would get an after market Head unit is because it is easier to hook up your subs as well as you can get a little more control over you treble, bass, mid's, high's, and low's

    Q: What kind of subs are "good subs"?

    A: It all depends everyone has there own preference on what are "good Subs" it also depends on what type of music your looking at listening to if you like a lot of rap then 12's may be better for you as if you listen to Rock, Rap, and a mix some 10's will deliver a little crisper bass. As for brand names, I personally like a sub that just sounds good regardless of brand name, the sub I have I'm sure not to many people have heard of. "PlanetAudio"

    Q: Why, in some cars, does the bass sound muddy and like that's all you can hear when in other car's systems, it sounds much more clear?

    A: This comes into play with the shape of the trunk, style of box. and other factor's. if you have a huge trunk but there is a lot of loose items it will rattle a lot more thus sounding "muddy" also say you have a smaller trunk with not as much loose items may sound better. as well as the box I have a sealed box, thought depending on subs some ported box's may sound better. Also if a sub is stuck in a sealed box that is not the right size you may have some interferance when the sub hits it will send the deep tone into the box well if it goes to hit again it may bounce off the recoil thus causing a "farting" sound if you will. causing muddy bass.

    If there is any other info please feel free to post it here, if you are looking to add to this list please use the format.

    Warning: Any thread jacking here will be deleted without notice.

    [b]Q: The Question Being Answered (Audio Only)[/b]
    [b]A:[/b] The Answer given.
    ^^^ That Should Clarify Things for the noobs.....
    Yes I have made this list in hopes to help some newer users but hope to get more info as the site grows.
    The answer to the first question is not true. There are aftermarket head units that let you continue using your steering wheel control. My friend got an alpine head unit on his honda and was able to use it with his steering wheel controls.
    diego11032000 wrote:
    The answer to the first question is not true. There are aftermarket head units that let you continue using your steering wheel control. My friend got an alpine head unit on his honda and was able to use it with his steering wheel controls.

    his answer was in regards to the TC...for our car, the scion navigation headunit will work, but any aftermarket headunit requires a special wiring harness to maintain functionality of the steering wheel controls
    oh i meant with the harness. just wanted to point out that its possible.
    Yes it is possible to keep the steering controls. You just need a module to connect to the headunit
    Eclipse units also let u keep the steering wheel buttons
    is there a power/remote wire on a stock tc 08
    i always use the pac-audio steeringwheel control interface here is there site pac-audio
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