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OEMAudioPlus 450Q Review

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    Hey guys. I'm knew here but I wanted to share the experience I had dealing with OEMAudioPlus and installing their 450Q System.

    I have a 2012 Scion TC.

    For starters, they have some very impressive videos and installation instructions on their website.
    The issue I had was that all of their documentation was for their 400CF system, and not the system they
    currently sell, the 450Q.

    At the time I write this, they have no instructions or videos on the 450Q system.

    The installation was pretty simple, but without any instructions for the wiring, it involved a little ingenuity.
    Here are a few tips if you're lost like I was:

    - The 450Q system comes with two main cables--the cable that runs from the sub, to the amp, to the back of the radio, to the battery;
    and the 6 inch cable that goes between the factory amplifier below the drivers seat and the original wiring harness.

    - The two matching ends on the longest wires go to the subwoofer. The ports are ambidextrous, so you can install them in either port.
    The next set of ports you'll encounter along the length of the cable--a white and grey one--go to the back of the amplifier. Finally, the end of the cable goes behind the radio and the two cables on the right side of the radio go into the OEMAudio harness and then the OEMAudio harness goes into the two radio ports. Finally, the short 6 inch cable goes between the factory amplifier plug and the amplifier.

    My review of the actual audio system:

    Quick summary: it's good but not great.
    I can't say I would recommend it to someone unless they have a lot of money and want an easy upgrade to their factory system.
    The quality different between the base factory system and the OEMAudio 450Q system isn't huge. I actually found some songs sounded less distorted on my original system. I can't speak to the quality of the OEMAudio 400CF system, but the reviews for that system were what I based my decision on.

    It's tough to summarize my issues with the system, but I'll start by describing the components provided and how they work; maybe that will give experts a better insight to the issues:

    - The provided amplifier used the high-level input signal from the factory radio and converts it to low-level for it's input.

    - Unlike the 400CF system, the 450Q system still uses the factory 6x9 amplifier, which is disappointing. They provide a cable with an inline gain filter to reduce distortion, but it really doesn't do the trick.

    - The tweeters use a cheap capacitor that's soldered on just like the stock tweeters. I was really expecting the crossover to be implemented into the provided amplifier, but I guess the car doesn't really have the wiring for that. Either way, it isn't what I'd consider a proper crossover solution for a "premium sound system."

    - The provided subwoofer enclosure fits very nicely in the factory location, but the enclosure isn't dampened well. It's a very thin fiberglass enclosure that doesn't have much mass to it.

    Before I go on, I should mention what I listen to. I only listen to professionally burned CDs or 320 kbs MP3s on a flash drive, but mostly CDs.

    The sound itself is pretty balanced in terms of frequency response, but that's just about the only good thing I have to say about the system.

    The distortion at higher volumes is pretty noticeable, especially with songs with a full soundstage. You really can't go above volume 38 without ear fatigue--I have the bluetooth pioneer factory radio for the car.

    The timbre is really not good. I think the speakers provided are of high quality, but the design flaws I mentioned before really add too much distortion to have accurately reproduce any music I've listened to. I just didn't get the fidelity I was hoping for.

    The bass reproduction from the sub isn't very impressive if you're used to aftermarket subs. For reference, I came from a 10inch JL W3V3 in a custom box. I also had the Pioneer Premium System in my 2009 Cobalt SS that had a 10inch subwoofer.
    Compared to both systems, the OEMAudio sub just doesn't deliver. If listening to techno or dubstep, the bass is present, but not really loud until you crank it up well past comfortable listening levels. With rock or metal, the sub falls pretty flat. Even if you try turning up the bass on the radio, you get too much resonance. The bass is pretty clean, but there just isn't enough juice behind it. Even when I got curious and cranked the sub up, it didn't have much of a kick to it at all.


    Overall, I probably would recommend spending your money on your own components--a good radio, set of component speakers, sub and amplifiers--before buying this kit. It's not terrible, but I can't even say it sounds better than the Pioneer System that came stock with my Cobalt, and it's nothing compared to the system I have in my Oldsmobile. The staff at OEMAudioPlus was very kind and helpful, but I just wasn't satisfied with the product.

    Hopefully some of the information here helps you make a decision if you were considering getting this system.


    After a few more weeks of listening, I really have to say, I cannot recommend this system. There's just something about the signal processing that makes my music sound very, very artificial. As soon as you turn up the volume, the mid-range really hollows out and just doesn't sound good. It got so annoying that I actually removed everything besides the speakers. So as of now, the only components I am using from the 450Q kit are the tweeters, mid-range drivers and 6x9s, along with the rear coaxial. It actually sounds much better than when I used the amp. Sadly, it's a mild upgrade from the original speakers. The rest of the system is just sitting in my garage. I'll eventually use the sub, but I'll be using my own amplifier. I'll try keep this post up to date when I finally get around to doing it.

    Here are a few pics of my install. For the life of me, I do not know how that song ended up in that video. I'm not a computer guy, clearly. That last pic is from under the glovebox. It shows the integration of the new amplifier. It's pretty stealthy.

    Welcome, nice write up, thank you. You should post some pics so we can admire your work.
    Yes some pics of this integration unit would be good, otherwise it's just a commercial
    I could definitely get some picks up. The beauty of the system is its integration; it's really pretty seamless. The sub fits nicely in the cargo area and I can still flip up the spare tire compartment. The amp also tucks nicely behind the glove box using a couple of factory bolts. It's a well-designed system. After listening more now, however, I still can't recommend it. I'm working with the integration team now but I don't think I'll be swayed. I think the problem lies in the fact that the system has to comply with Toyota's strict regulations in order for it to not void the factory warranty. Either way, I'll try get some pics up
    Hey guys. Final update. I noticed some bass issues when playing different songs--the bass was very muddy and not smooth. I couldn't figure out why this was. Then I remembered the system had a quad voice coil in the sub. I thought "oh, no. They wouldn't." Sure enough, when I converted my test song to mono, the muddiness was gone. If you're following me then you probably know where this is going. They actually used a different channel for each voice coil. I verified this by hooking up a dummy driver to each lead on the end of the sub connections. I found that when I pulled the fader to the front and balance to the right, only one set of the leads had a single. I tested this with the other three channels. I'm shocked that these "professionals" cut so many corners to save themselves money. At this point, all I am using are the speakers. I built my own crossovers and hooked up a Kenwood A/B amp. This system is definitely one to avoid, between the high-level signals to the average-quality drivers, it's far from worth the price.
    I am sorry to hear that. It's pricey also, you would think it would be better quality. Thanks for the info
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