I tried to install some coaxials and tweeters tonight, the front driver side went perfect. I did the passenger and no sound. I was using aftermarket speaker adapter for the coaxials and I tried to splice into the tweeter wire and nothing. Chopped the factory plug and spliced into those wires running the tweeter off of it too but still no sound. It's getting late tonight so I figured I'd look at it tomorrow. So when I went to roll up the windows they passenger side didn't work from the drivers door. It works from the passenger door. Please help, I've done my own stereo's since the late 90's and never had this problem. Any ideas of how to fix it what I did? I'm just trying to save money and do it myself because times are tough and I just bought this car and I'm transferring my stereo from my old car. The problems started when I tried to install my Kenwood double din. It turned on, but no sound. I'm using the Metra wiring kit and matched all the wires. I knew I'm not the smartest person, but I can't figure this out. Nevermind about the windows, I fixed them by resetting them, but the speaker issue is still the problem. When I install my 5 channel amp and tie the front speaker wires to the rear behind the dash and then run wires from the rear speakers and the factory wire to the amp, will I have issues.