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Interior Rattle W/ Aftermarket Sterio

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    Hey there,
    Had a question in regards to my 2016 Scion Tc and would much appreciate any advice! So long story short I've upgraded my cars headunit, speakers, and added an amp and sub in hopes to combat the terrible door rattle that comes along with having 8 inch subwoofers in the doors. To no avail my car still sounds like its about to fall apart, mainly the doors. And yes I have already wedged a bunch of foam where the window and door lock switches are.

    So my question is, what have you guys done to your car to help with all the noise and vibration? Does dynamat even help? Im currently running a Sundown Audio LCS 12 inch sub powered by an avionixx amp, JVC head unit, Focal RCX-130's in the rear and ISS 690 components in the front. Just wanting to enjoy this awesome setup Thanks in advance! Im almost feeling hopeless..these plasic doors are terrible.
    Interior rattles are such an annoyance with these cars, mine had the exact same thing. Most of the rattles comes from the window controls on the interior door panels for both driver and passenger sides. When the vibrations come through the door panel, the windows switches rattle against its plastic housing. I went to Ace Hardware and bought a roll of Rubber Foam Weatherstripping and use that to fix a lot of the rattles between the controls.

    First pop out the window control cluster, disconnect the wires, unscrew the window switches and cut the weather stripping to size and place pieces everywhere you might think plastic to plastic contact might be. This will fix a ton of the rattles.

    The next area that will have rattles is within the interior door panel and would require you to remove the whole door panel itself. Once you remove it you will see a plastic bag like material and wires, which is where I think the rest of the rattles come from. Wrapping the wires or placing some type of cushioning for the wires would help some rattles as well as placing some foam in between the wires and plastic. Dynamat will also help as well.

    Here is a video that you might find very helpful too:

    Good luck!
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