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Upgrade Factory Subwoofer and amp

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    The Scion stereo system could be augmented by an optional factory subwoofer. If present, it’s located inside the car’s cargo area. The component is comprised of a 2-ohm, 6-3/4" subwoofer powered by a 35-watt amp, and is integrated into a molded cavity to the right of the spare tire. As a result of the integrated configuration and low-impedance design, replacing this woofer is likely not worth the effort. If you want to replace the woofer, you should also replace the amp with something with more power.

    Here is my set up that i replace my factory amp and subwoofer to a JL Audio JX500/1D amp and 12TW3 subwoofer wire to 2ohm.

    hey! that's awesome you upgraded the factory sub/amp.. We're all excited of what you did.. But did we really need multiple posts of the same thing? I'll leave the other posts up but this will be the main thread.

    how does this sub sound with the stock enclosure? Is your JL Audio spec'd for the smaller volume box?
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