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How about them cowgirls???

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    I love it. Eagles are freaking whopping up on them.
    Dallas looks like a highschool team out there. Romo looks like a bumm!!!!

    Who was it that said and argued that Dallas is the best team in the NFL???
    I simply love to bring up how they should now be known.

    The Dallas Cowchokes lol. Wow this marks the 2nd time in a few years "win and your in" that they got blown out lol. The only thing that would of been sweeter to me would of been for the Skins to have put that foot in their ass.

    Aww well seeing Dallas not make it puts a smile on my face.
    I love it, only part that stings is that I had Romo and MB3 in my fantasy team so their chocking costed me the playoffs
    These are the sounds the cowboys are making after that asswhipping.

    Almost all the NFL writers were sayin that the cowgirls are a superbowl team before the season started...Now there feet are in there mouths and i couldnt be happier lol
    so with all that said... whose winning the super bowl? ill predict at a later time
    The Cowboys are the most talented team in the NFL, they obviously do not have the coaching staff to direct them though. You guys are all Cowboy haters so this is automaticly a losing battle because most Cowboy haters dont want to listen to reason. Im fine with that. I hate the fact that Dallas jacked up this week big time, and it was painful to watch, however Dallas had the best chance at the beginning of the season but injuries plagued our team HORRIBLY. We will have to see what happens next year when all of our guys are back and healthy again.
    ehh.. the cowboys fell apart again.. whats new. its there trend. until they break it its expected. yes they are arguably the most talented team in the NFL but talent doesnt mean u win championships if you dont have good team morale and ur players mesh well. Romo lost connection with his recievers the last couple of weeks throwing over 10 balls to areas his recievers were not because of miscommunication. I dont think that the cowboys missing the playoffs is as big of a headline as the 11-5 patriots. im not a fan of either team but to see an 11 win team thats won what 10 straight? not make the playoffs is insane. Especially because they are still the dangerous team with Matt Cassel leading the way as they were with brady. The Eagles now are very dangerous team heading into the playoffs just as hot as any other team out there.. i expect them to beat the vikings in the wild card game.

    but hey i live in florida.. WHAT ABOUT THEM DOLPHINS!? although my 2 teams are Carolina and Philly throughout my life.. i cant say enough about the fins this year.
    Either the Giants or the Titans win it this year.
    Falcons Ravens SB
    ^^Hell yeah! That's the game I'd like to see.
    The main reason that the cowboys are sucking wind is they try to do wat the yankees do which is buying a superbowl team.Tony"Romeo"is a choke artist....At the same time some blame has to go on the coaching staff and other players
    Crash wrote:
    Either the Giants or the Titans win it this year.

    GO GIANTS!!!
    First of all... they do have the coaching staff to get there. If i remember correctly Wade Phillips was the head coach in Buffalo for their 4 year run into the super bowl. So obviously somethings allready in place.

    Injuries lol. The patriots had injuries that looked to shut the whole team down and they actually looked like a playoff team down the stretch. Matt Cassell hadnt thrown a ball since high school and still lead the pats.

    Sorry but the cowchokes didnt have the vital injuries that take a team down. They just had shitty backups that couldnt carry the load and you dont win championships when your 2nd string cant keep the hope alive. Johnsons been in this leauge long enough to do what he needs to do to win. He opitimized the Cowchokes this season. Were just gonna stand here with a stupid look on our face and wonder "geez what did we do this year to fuck it up"

    BTW the cowboys best bright spot of the season is Witten. He is a damn good TE just wears the wrong uniform... TOs bitchiness wasnt what brought the cowboys down either. Them loosing games they should of won, blaming that strech on "romo's hurt" of lost games that they could of won but Johnson just sucks. And hell watching that game vs the eagles its like the cowboys came prepared for chi or tampa to win so this game wouldnt matter at all. They prepared for the best and they got fucking MOLLYWHOPPED. Honestly the looked like they didnt prepare at all. Aww well last year the cowboys got blown out of the water for the final game of the season lol. Guess they love a bit of history repeating.
    if the eagles get past the vikings there gonna give the giants a hell of a game.. they beat them in the season a couple weeks ago.. that would be a gooood game to watch.
    This sums up the Most Talented Team in the NFL:

    LOL now nick!.. i wouldnt go sayin all that!!
    cowboys fan here. they are very talented but lack coaching, very much. and for that video? what do you expect from a 3rd string rb?
    Whats boring is the pathetic attempt to talk shit about a very talented team that has obvious coaching problems. Who gives a shit what Wade Phillips did with another team. There is not a single coaching style that will have the same effectiveness on every team. The Cowboys need a hard-ass coach, not a babysitter. The Cowboys have too many hard headed players to get a full effect from Phillips' coaching style (Cowboys players have said this openly in the media). We have a shit defensive coordinater and our offensive coordinater is too predictable. So hate all you want, since its obvious you are going to do it anyway, it doesnt matter. Until the Cowboys get a better coaching staff and Jerry Jones no longer has any control over what the coaches do and how they run the team, the Cowboys will be doomed. Hopefully we can get through next year with less injuries and even with the shitty leadership we can put together a better effort to make it to the big game.
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