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Ambient Sleep Music

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    Just wondering if anyone can throw out some good Ambient Traces/tencho artiests. I'm trying to compose a sleeping mix for my science class. trying to see how to brain reacts to different music types while your sleepin
    sounds cool. I listen to techno but never know who the atrists are. I would just say limewire search techno or google search techno and see what comes up. The experiment sounds kinda cool. What about some crazy rock music like Pink Floyd and stuff like that which like everyone used to smoke to...
    Look up Robert Miles... dreamland is one of his titles.
    Orin wrote:
    Look up Robert Miles... dreamland is one of his titles.

    Dude thats the exact CD i'm listing too right now and its good shit!!! I'm trying to find stuff like his. My favorite track is Fable (dream version) that puts me out ;)
    Here's some of the big djs, BT, Ferry Corsten, Paul van Dyk, you can msg me on aim: kevin3838 if you want any specific songs.
    Check Out Deep Forest... good stuff it is.
    You have to check out Thievery Corporation: The cosmic game It's about as mellow and chill as you can get.

    Also Nightmares on Wax

    Both are on Itunes
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