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PhotoBucket now charges $399 for third-party hosted images

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    Photobucket pulled a fast one.

    They unannounced and w/o any prior warning Disable everyone's Pics that was used for other Sites last week.

    They Changed their Terms & Conditions suddenly and now will only permit 3rd Party Hosting for $400!!

    PhotoBucket now charges $399 for third-party hosted images

    From the Comment Section, Many are Deleting their PB accounts and angry about being blind sided.

    Absolute Greed. Total Money Grab!

    That means they took down ALL my images in my 2 main threads here:

    MR LUV's LUV MOBILE Mod Thread 2015 tC2.5 RS9

    New BEST + Funniest MEME's post here!

    Please bear with me while I find a Free Image Hosting site and slowly rebuild
    my original Threads.


    ya what a joke! I noticed changed at photobucket lately when they were demanding (through a pop up) that I turn off my ad blocker. Let them find out that they do this they can suffer going out of business. They're not the only image hosting service.

    and let me know which posts and I'll remove them for you, then you can build your new ones.
    I have D/L my Image Library and Closed my PB account. Good Riddance. I am sign up with Flickr and Imgur. It will be a while before I can Restore everything. I appreciate your future help with the cleanup.

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