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Random Thoughts. Random Stories.

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    I got a little bored and trying to start up a conversation or so to meet some new people and I figured here was a good place to start for something random. I had a story that popped in mind that I just laugh at it every time I think about it. Most people I told this story to actually had a kick out of it as well.

    So about 2 or so years ago I was at a car meet on a Saturday night in Savannah (My hometown) chatting up with a few people and have some casual conversations or what not. Well as I was talking with a few peeps a guy walked up with his hot girlfriend and ask what have I done to my car. I told him nothing special. Just basic bolt ons. So he asked if I was afraid to pop the hood and I was like not at all and showed him. Like I said nothing special. I/H/E is all I've done. He then, with his girlfriend who I would bang less gracefully cuddled up, shakes his head and says rice. Then proceeds to walk off. I actually laughed a good bit because it was like he was trying to act big and bad. Anyways, so about 10 or so mins later I saw a tC with a group called AWDomination. Me and some other peeps are like why is there a tC and a Celica in a AWD group. Unless these cars got a drivetrain swap they shouldn't be with that group of Evos and STIs. Which these cars didn't. We got the info. So I walk up to this tC and it didn't look bad for the most part. Black with the lip kit painted red. I popped for it. So the hood was up and notice that the tC had the same mods that I did. I also notice that the car was a automatic which slightly killed it for me. So I asked who's tC is this.... They pointed out it was the same guy that called my car rice. I instantly started laughing and went about my night. My thing is, you call my car rice? But yet other than being a automatic you have the EXACT same bolt on as I do. Maybe brands are different. But it's the same damn thing. And you call my car rice? What the hell does that make his car if my car is consider rice in his book with the same bolt ons.

    I honestly always get a kick out of this story every time I think about it and tell it.
    Here's something random. (Can i request to be a mod 9am-5pm)
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