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Trying to build muscle

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    Hello CStC. I took advantage of this summer by working out, so far it's going well but I wanna get even better results. First off I would like to get suggestions on what to eat in order to get leaner, and build muscle. I am currently addicted to rice, and although I've cut back a lot I can't seem to put it out of my life. What should I do? Should I stop eating rice entirely or is it okay to eat say...1 serving a day? (about half a cereal bowl amount for me).

    Oh yes and no supplements for me, I'd like to keep this process natural...but I would like some suggestions and whereabouts as to where I can get some anabolic steroids.
    Chicken/Brown Rice/Broccoli/Salmon

    Best mixtures you can do. That is a HIGH protein diet with few carbs but still enough to support energy consumption and not leave you wasted.
    go to GNC and get protein shakes.. if u want quick results get creatine if u want a preworkout drink get NO-Xplode or N02 Vapor.
    I'll try to get a list from my buddy b/c he's a body builder. He's the 2nd pic on my myspace I believe so you can check out his physique to see what I'm talking about.

    He works at the Vitamin shop and this guy is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to health and fitness.
    sofresh23 wrote:
    go to GNC and get protein shakes.. if u want quick results get creatine if u want a preworkout drink get NO-Xplode or N02 Vapor.

    He said no supplements.
    Ooh feedback already! Thanks guys, if possible keep it coming!
    swimming is the best excersise, theres common everyday things u can do, like walk on ur tippee toes up stairs for calf muscles etc, i wud sugest geting a workout routine, back and bi's chest and tri's, or every other day workouts, (wutevers best for u)... if ur just looking for nutritional information, carbs build ur something i forget lol but too many carbs is also fattening... protein is ur best bet... red meat, tuna fish, chicken, human, uhhhhhh gotta go
    The key to GOOD muscle structure and build is plenty of cardio. Keep the fat levels to a minimum and the muscle will grow on a more stable platform. You won't look bloated, but just nicely shaped.
    Yeah I'm not trying to look huge here. I just want that lean and muscular look like (unfortunately) those huge abercrombie pictures. hahahahahaha...ahh. Because that's what girls like.
    cardio... lift.. eat a well balanced diet... swim... protein shakes with soy milk (tastes great)... most important is being consistant!
    Nah............that's just image. Takes a LOT more than just a few muscles to get their attention. haha

    I'd suggest taking up biking. Either road or mountain but getting outdoors and when you are bored, take a few mile ride. Believe me, it's addicting!
    whats good to get toned abs lol
    Lots of biking and/or swimming. Crunches help grow the muscle but biking/swimming USES those muscles so using them helps keep them burning and VERY lean.

    I used to work out.

    Then I grew old.

    Web wrote:
    Lots of biking and/or swimming. Crunches help grow the muscle but biking/swimming USES those muscles so using them helps keep them burning and VERY lean.

    Ooh i see, I think jogging and long distance running helps too doesnt it? I used to bike very much because my uncle's an extreme bike enthusiast, he has so many nice bikes it's crazy. I think I should start doing that again.
    Anything that keeps your torso twisting constantly and your legs pumping hard will burn fat quickly. Your quads are the largest muscles in your body so if you exhaust them, you're doing something very right.
    there are differences between getting lean and getting big or muscles, if u wanna get lean , just eat wat u want, the key is burning off the fat that is stored on u already, cardio is still the best, and if u eat a lot, do more cardio to make it up, and depends on ur age or weight u need to get ur heart rate to a certain point to lose the fat thats on u, also which ever body part fat u have first is the last thats coming off. if u wanna get big, is really a 2 step process, step 1 u put weight on ur self, step 2 u shiver down, the key is keeping the muscles, ppl used to get like 30-50 pounds from eating meat and protein before they start cutting it and going back down and lose like 25-45 of that and only get very little so it takes pretty long, now a days, every body just do like 10 pounds then cut down 6-7, now how do u keep the 2-3 pound that u want? the way a guy told me which im currently using is eat a lot of vegetablies( no, not going on diet) the acids from vegetables makes the fat come off easily,and with a bit of cardio, they come right off, but u can't really control how much is coming off, thats when u drink shit load of protein, professional body builder drink 1gram of protein per 1lb of thier bodyweight, we aint pros , so normally on the days of ur workouts 40-60 protein should be good, but now when u trying to keep the muscles while cutting fat, u need about 3 quarters of ur bodyweight of protein althou i doubt i take that much, otherwise the weights u put on are gonna come off, yes i mean both muscle and fat, u dont keep much, so just do it slowly it takes time, esp when u look at ur self in the mirror everyday, u really can't tell much difference, but ppl around u will notice it =]
    Kodered....that was the most confusing yet the most helpful and all around advice I've ever been given about this stuff. Thanks!

    So if I spark noted what you said, it's basically lots of protein, dont forget to eat lots of vegetables to burn off the fat easier. GOTCHA!
    I can personally say that for me, building muscle is rediculously hard. I have been 145 for the past 2 years and only fluctuated up/down 2-3 lbs. That's with protein shakes, weight gainer shakes, cardio, weight lifting (heavy/light........legs/full body)....nothing seems to beat my metabolism.

    I've tried to slow down to 2-3 large meals a day and just let that sink in but my metabolism just says "Nope, not gonna work skinny!"

    The best thing I can say to people struggling to GAIN weight is to find something that you enjoy and stick with it. Work very hard at it and you'll see and feel a difference.

    My fun is mountain biking. I started on light trails that gave me a run for my money to catch my breath just b/c I wasn't used to them. Now I'm up to riding 16-17 mile trails at higher speeds and constant burning legs. My quads were so worn out last time that both legs locked up 100% and I fell off my bike. I'm slowly getting up to the point where I can take these trails faster and faster but also notice that my energy is up, my appetite is up and my legs and abs are more defined.

    Basically, all I'm trying to say is DON'T GET DISCOURAGED. I did for a while but then found a hobby (biking). That hobby is what keeps me going and makes me realize that I CAN grow in my physique, but just in different ways. Leaning out my quads and actually showing more of the tear drop muscle above the knee and 2 of the 4 quad muscles on the top of my thigh when I flex hard or even just walk!'s minimal gains but it's something. That's the key....anything you gain is still something more than you had before!
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