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Auto to Manual Swap

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    I have a 08 automatic scion tc and I just hate the limitations it has compared to the 5-speed, If i buy a parts car with a manual transmission and swap everything over how much do you guys think id be looking at (ps i know you guys are going to say just buy a manual but I'd rather just swap this one )
    I'm also looking to do this swap for my 09', I've heard anywhere from $900 to about 2 grand just for all the parts but it depends on if you can find them for cheap. tbh It would probably be cheaper and easier just to trade it in for a manual but I agree, I wanna do the swap because I wanna run an E351 instead of the stock E350, and it'd be easier to throw on a short shifter/lightweight flywheel/other trans related mods during the swap
    Guys, this swap is a lot of work and money... I don't this swap before on old Toyotas... To make it easier, you need a donor car! Even then, you don't know how the computer will act without an auto trans...
    speaking of the ecu (computer).. the manual does NOT have the extra information to control the auto transmission. It would require the auto trans ECU.
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