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America’s Deadliest Cars: No. 3 Scion tC by IIHS

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    America’s Deadliest Cars: No. 3 Scion tC by IIHS

    May 25, 2017 24/7 Wall St.: Reported by Michael B. Sauter

    "There are many measures to determine car safety, and one is to examine driver death rates per vehicle. Data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released this week identified the most dangerous cars on the road based on this measure.
    Most of the models that have the highest driver fatality rates are small cars with structures that are less able to absorb the brunt of crashes. Five of the 10 cars with the most driver fatalities are hatchbacks, while three are small sedans.
    Meanwhile, all of the cars with the lowest driver death rates were either large luxury cars or SUVs.
    According to IIHS, 4-door minicars have the worst death rate at 87 per 1 million registered vehicles, while 4-wheel drive large luxury SUVs have the lowest with six driver deaths per 1 million registered vehicles.
    The data come from IIHS, a nonprofit research organization funded by auto insurers. The IIHS measured over 200 vehicles – 2014 models or equivalent – between 2012 and 2015.
    Only vehicles with at least 100,000 registered vehicles between 2012-2015 were considered."

    America’s Deadliest Cars: No. 3 Scion tC by IIHS

    Do you Agree that the Scion tC is the No. 3 America’s Deadliest Cars?


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    yeah thanks to a generation that thinks fast and furious is REAL.. so they drive like that and makes it to the top ten for the IIHS.. I remember when the IIHS gave the tC1 an excellent report for safety.

    Then the next year they change their criteria demanding traction control to be considered "safe". Overnight the tC1 became a "Death trap". ha ha ha! I'm sorry but no, you cannot re-write the laws of physics overnight. If the tC1 was safe slamming into a wall before the change then it's still safe after they change their "Criteria". I don't think much of the IIHS after that since you can re-design any criteria to make it say what you want or to pick the winners you want.

    like mark twain said.. There are lies, damn lies, and statistics! can make em say whatever you want to say.

    There are many stories on the forums over the years of accidents with the tC1 where the driver walked away! I remember one where it rolled 4-5 times then stopped when it hit a tree. Sure, the driver had I think a broken rib and maybe a shoulder but the EMS workers thought the guy was in shock. No, he was just pissed that the car was totalled, lol.

    And for the new people reading.. I'll tell you this so you know. There was a rollover test done on the tC1, it's where they take a hydraulic press and begin pressing on the side of the roof (top of the driver's door) and add more pressure until I think it was 1-2 inches are pushed in, then see how much pressure was applied to deform the unibody/chassis.

    The tC1 was 4.8times the weight of the car! That means roughly 2970lbs X 4.8 = 14256lbs of pressure it took to dent the chassis of the tC1 1-2inches! Now that I call safe!

    So just take the IIHS with a huge bag of salt/skepticism since they have their agenda
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