Hello all!

Recently I was in an accident and suffered front end damage to my Tc.
I got new bumper, radiator, condenser and cooling fans. Also replaced my coolant temp sensor and both fan relays...
The issue I am having, is my fans refuse to come on as if my car isn’t reaching temp. I checked the temp of the radiator hose and it reaches temp.
The fans work, as I have checked them bridging a jumper wire. The kicker here is. Fan relay number 1 ( when I have the key turned on) clicks when I test it with my test light and the fans come on... but the moment I plug my brand new relays in, I don’t get the clicking and my fans don’t come on. So what I have done is ran a toggle switch for the time being and grounded the switch and ran a wire to that relay (to the ground) to ground it out when I turn the switch on (the fans come on) . I’m stumped and need help 😂