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Whats your Weight?

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    This just popped in my head Figured what the hell...I bought a new Lifefitness treadmill yesterday and got it delivered today, treadmills saved my health long ago...anyway...If you want to post weight & height then feel free, but you may be up for criticism which I know would never happen here Wouldnt want ones feelins to get damaged I use to be a bigkid(no pun intended to -big kid- the member)...Around 200 lbs in middle school. Baby fat I guess......I-m 5ft 10- & 145 lbs Edit: No ridiculous pics please
    I-m 240 6 foot but im not that fat. I work out everyday so its mostly muscle. Football ya know?
    I-m 5- 9-10- and 155lbs. Kinda random sin, but what the hell!
    6- 175lbs, hazel eyes, I-m a gemini and enjoy long drives in my tC... Sorry, couldn-t help it. This is a weird thread.
    5- 8-, 135lbs ... though the weight is probably more ... I-ve bulked up a little since the last i weighed myself. Still skinny though.
    Im Brian and im 6-4 and 205 a libra and enjoy long walks on the beach...i work at the local fitness club (Franco-s).i can walk there, i live close but instead i drive my scion!
    DAMN YOU TALL PPL5-5-6- 135lbsAthletic Buildwork out everyday but weekends at GOLDS GYMLIBRA!!!!!!i enjoy quick and long inter-course as well as quick walks to the bed room. JK
    Definately a strange topic lolHrmmmm. I am about 5-7...and I will stick with thats 133lbs of muscle Most of you would probably guess closer to the 120 line...but I am not going to lie!
    5-8 at about 145 lbs here. moslty muscle, i hope
    5-4(est) 114 lbsI seem to be the smallest person here.
    My name is Kevin and I-m 5-7- weight 135-140 lbs...still working on to gain some more of muscle.
    I am the heaviest member! YESSSSSS
    5-11- 115lbs. My drag racing buddies say I have an unfair weight advantage.
    i can-t wait to sit my 5-7- and 155lbs ASS in my TC, hopefully in late FEB.
    Im 6-1- and weight 185 lbs. when i started going to the gym (3 months ago) i weighted 160.
    Well...I guess I can throw out the idea of getting any taller then 5-8...I weight anywhere between 140-145lbs. I was one of the tallest in the family, but now my little brother is taller(5-11)...that bastard!!! I can still kick his ass though! hahah...
    Dude I know im fat but im not like a fat ass. Like I have a belly and stuff but I-m not one of those guys that you can look at and be like -omg hes fat-. Actually I do run a lot in football and on the weekends but I have the slowest metabolism in the world so it just stays with me. Its all good.
    5-9 and 135pds
  • 39 posts
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