Ok my daughter has a tc . She was having problems shifting . She took in they amco in Roseburg or put it junk yard .$3500 a week latter she sitting at a stop light and gos to shift a snapped shifting cable. I come out so Cal to fix it put new cables in . I got the Cable in and went to shift and nothing would not go into gear. So I'm checking everything and find that I can't even shift it into gear by hand from underneath the hood so it's in neutral now and I go to turn the car over to start it and find that the motor will not even turn over I put a wrench on the crank to try and manually move the motor and I can't even move the motor it will not turn. So I pull the pin on the motor there's no metal shavings in the pan it doesn't smell burnt I put transmission fluid in the top of the Pistons it's still there. My question is Kenneth tranny somehow affect seizing up the motor could it be stuck in there something stuck in there that would keep it from moving. Help help help please