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Verizon Users: How to make your own ringtones (DIY)

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    For those of you who have Verizon cell phones and are tired of having to pay 2.99 through Get It Now to download a ringtone, here are two ways to make your own. Also these methods allow you to choose the portion of the song you want to be your ringtone so you aren't limited to having just the hook.

    This website will allow you to upload any mp3 (or other digitally formatted music from your computer) directly to their website. It has an editing tool that allows you to select the start and stop positions of the clip, and then allows you to email it directly to your phone or save it to your computer. The file size limit that can be transmitted as an attachment to your phone as a text message is 500kb which is roughly 30 seconds recorded at 128kb/s.

    Once you receive the text message and the clip starts playing, just hit options and select save as ringtone. This will save it into the hidden ringtones folder on the phone and you're good to go.

    Bitpim is a free application that can be downloaded to your computer that allows you to fully access your Verizin phones file structure. Aside from being able to make ringtones, you can download your contacts, messages, calendar, etc... edit them and put them back on the phone, as well as edit the param table in the phone to hack DUN and WAP settings. Bitpim allows you to connect via USB cable or through bluetooth (if your phone allows it). This program only works on CDMA phones.

    Bitpim doesn't work yet with some of the brand new verizon phones and we are patiently waiting for an update. Check their website or for compatibility.

    If you have your own sound editing software to make mp3 clips to use as ringtones, just edit them as described above and then email the clip as an attachment to

    If you have questions just ask, and I'll do my best to answer them. I may not be able to help with technical phone specific questions, but I can probably point you in the right direction.

    Stop paying for ringtones and make your own, better ones. Post up what you've made! :mrgreen:

    What I've made so far:

    Lupe Fiasco - Little Weapon, Daydreamin, and Hiphop Saved Me
    DMX - Where Da Hood At
    Lil Wayne - I Feel Like Dying
    Redman - Green Lantern Freestyle
    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Theme
    Ironside (Kill Bill Theme)
    Twisted Nerve (Kill Bill Whistle)
    Jay-Z - 22 Two's
    Eminem - Rain Man
    Busta Rhymes - Canon
    Black Sheep - You Mean I'm Not...
    Pharoah Monch - Simon Sez
    Wu Tang - Shame On A Nigga
    Star Trek Theme (yeah, I'm a dork )

    And the list goes on, but those are what I culd think of off the top of my head.
    pimppp thanks man i was tring to figure out what type of file my env2 uses but this works lol
    Yeah, I have the env2, and was trying to find a good way to do it until bitpim gets updated (if ever). That website works great, and it has given me yet another reason to do as little work as possible while I am at my job. :twisted:
    David Banner Ft Chris Brown, Yung Joc & Jim Jones - Get like Me
    I've never hacked a phone before... should be interesting...
    I already make my own... heh. Hooray for windows mobile - i can copy mp3s over
    we do that as well only we use goldwave and a cell with a mem card save to the mem card and send it to some1
    My job just sent me the env2 (ehich I have to say I am extremely disappointed with, probally cause I am coming form the iphone). Do I have to have my phone connected to the computer in order to transfer these files?
    No. You just need to have a micro SD card and a card reader. There is a way to transfer via bluetooth, but I don't know how to do it, and I think it requires bitpim (which isn't updated for the env2 yet, but its close)

    Basically, you make the ringtones and then put the mp3's in the my_sounds folder on the card and then send the mp3's to yourself as an attachment in a text message. When you receive the text with the sound clip, you have the option to save the sound as a ringtone. The phone then saves it into the ringtone folder which you can currently not view or access.
    my phone didn't come with a micro sd card. is this something i have to buy?
    Yeah, that doesn't come with the phone. Get this:

    2gb micro sd card with an SD converter and a usb card reader for 12.99. I got one a couple weeks ago and its works great. That should be plenty of space for ringtones, pics, and music. Also, if you keep that reader on your keychain like i do, you have a 2gb thumbdrive with you at all times.
    dang it, i made a good one but i dont have internet on my enV so i couldnt download it
    xlox89x wrote:
    dang it, i made a good one but i dont have internet on my enV so i couldnt download it

    yeah that is my problem too lol!

    yeah I have a 1G thumbdrive with me all the time
    xlox89x wrote:
    dang it, i made a good one but i dont have internet on my enV so i couldnt download it

    You don't need internet on the phone to download it. Sorry if that wasn't clear. I've actually disabled data services on my phone, lol. On the ringtone creator page, there is a drop down box that lets you choose your method of downloading the tone. Change the option to email, and then click the radio button that says SMS with email. In the text box use the address "" (where 1234567890 is your ten digit cell phone number) You will now receive the ringtone as an attachment to a text message. When you get the text and open it (it'll start playing) hit the right softkey (options) and choose save as ringtone.

    (I should probably redo this with screenshots. We'll see if I have time tonight)
    Finally got it. Thanks for the help!
    ok, i tried all that stuff...still didnt work oh well
    If you made the ringtone too long, it won't send to your phone. That may be the problem. Was it longer then 30 secs? Also, I think that you are limited to 1 or 2 texts per day through the site. I did 2 that way and then started getting delivery failure notifications. I normally just make a bunch and then put them on the sd card and then text them to my self one at a time.

    On the bright side, it looks like bitpim may have env2 support soon, so that will make it easier because they'll go directly from your computer to the ringtone folder.

    On another side note, I'm going to try that xingtone program tonight and see how I like it. If its user friendly, I'll try to post up a little something about using that as well. Then you can make them directly on your computer without using the 3rd party website and put them on the phone with one of the methods described above.
    Ok so I was able to craete a ringtone but when I went to create another an error message pops up saying that it is an invalid email, phone number, or carrier?! Is this a 1 time thing?
    I've gotten that error a couple time as well. I think its a flash bug on their website. Close the browser and reload the page fresh and it should go away. Keep in mind though what I said in the last post about there possibly being a daily limit to what can be sent through
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