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SUPER HIGH mileage update on 05 tc....200K+++

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    Greetings all...

    1st off im not a troll. i know this is my first post but dont think this is annoying prick.

    i have an 05 tc that i got in october of 04. Right now it has exactly 225600. I live on long island so mass transit is non existent unless your city bound. which i never was nor will be. I used to live in stony brook and worked at bmw in south hampton which is about 58 miles each way. all the while for the entire time i have had the car i have also worked at bar 25 miles away 3 nights a week. I stopped working at bmw and started in farmingdale which is only 20 miles away. i drive alot to say the least. i take alot of cruises obviously. pretty much daily.

    Maintenencethe engine, tranny, clutch are all original. in fact most of the car is. The ONLY repairs i have had to make, besides tires and brakes and alot of oil changes, are hub bearings (3 sets) and recently my tie rod ends. I have used mobil 1 5w-30 since the day i got the car along with toyota filters which i buy 10 at a time. I try to change the oil every 4-5k but have gone as high as 7k.
    I am on my 3rd set of spark plugs. 5th batch of tranny fluid. 5th set of tires.
    Had a major service done at 120k.

    I dynod the car(i tune hondas) with 175K on it and it made 132hp. and 126 with the a/c on lol.

    Car burns about 1.5 quarts between changes. my oil light goes on once in a while in left turns if im bad with it.

    I dont really beat on the car often. its rare i do but when i do it still goes like it did before. i can still chirp 2nd if i really really try too which says alot after this long.

    Gas mileage is amazing still. I drive primarily highway (85% probably) so use my cruise control everytime i drive. my most miles to a tank top to bottom was 418.2. Ironically this was only 3 months ago going to an coming back from atlantic city. I was in no rush and used my cruise the whole way and had it locked at 63. best mpg average to a tank was 32.3.

    COST well it hasnt been cheap lol. here is everything i have bought..minus the car itself. Including gas:
    28,200-Gas...averaged from 26 mpg per tank and 3.25 price per gallon.
    1580- Oil and filters. Averaged from 5k intervals and mobil 1+ filter price@ 35$
    3000- Tires. average 550 a set plus mounting and stuff.
    180- Hub bearings
    240- spark plugs 3 sets at 80 bucks each
    60- tranny fluid
    300-brakes 3 sets of front 2 rear.
    33560 bucks...

    i still love the car and am going for 7 digits. does anyone know of anyone with more then this? i have picks of odometer but dont know how to post em on this site. If you know how too email me and ill sned to you so you can post em.

    lemme know what you guys think.

    there we go.
    ^That's something to look forward to. I'm at 96500 with my 06
    That's crazy!! I'm glad to see it's holding up. I thought i had a lot at 136K
    Welcome to the club!

    That's the highest mileage I've seen on a tC and a shining testimonial to the quality of our cars! Thanx for sharing. I think its about time you add some boost now that its been properly broken in!
    That's badass. Nice to know we don't have to worry about our cars for a long time.
    That's incredible man. It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that we both have 05s but yours has 5 times more mileage than mine. That's an impressive amount of driving!
    Wow... and I was sad when I crossed over 10,000 miles on Tuesday!
    That's an insane amount of miles!!! The highest I've ever had on a car was a 91' Honda w/ 200,000K...

    I just hit 8500K on my car and it makes me sad.... Haha!
    glad to hear... good post!
    Good to hear that the engine and tranny is holding up well after 200k and good maintenance. Now how long will an auto tranny last?
    most i had was a 97 civic with 118k
    I had 160k in my spent 3 times the money its worth. haha

    Congrats on the highest mileage i've seen in a tC
    Definately a good post, glad to see the tC is holding up. I have 31K on my car, hope it will last me as long as yours has!
    I feel better about having 84k now lol
    WOAH! I have an 05 with 56K on it. I hope mine lasts as long as your does buddy.
    Wow, that makes me feel great! I'm at 4953 today, and am very happy to know I have a good 245000+ more of those to go! I last drove a Bronco with 367000 on it, but only after two transmissions, three rebuilt engines, and a good 30,000$ in miscellaneous repairs. We all made a good choice this time around!
    I have a 2008 tc with 256,000 miles on it. Still runs and drives...
    thanks for the update! thumbs up!
    about to hit 100k on my 08'
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