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Gas station question

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    • Mar 23, 2008 12:32:49 pm
    I'm looking into switching gas stations. I'm trying to find a top tier station where I live but I’m not sure where all the stations are getting there gas from. I buy from Speedway and never had any trouble with there gas but don't know if its top tier or not. I've went to there website to see if it tells where they get there gas from but that’s not something I've found. We do have one shell around here, kind of... its in another town but I do drive to that town every other day anyways. Here is a list of the stations we have around here

    Circle K

    I know Shell is top tier and I think Circle K is too. I would think the Sunoco station would be pretty good since Sunoco Canada is. Do you guys know where Speedway gets there gas from or if any of these other station are top tier? I don’t buy Switfy gas ever, did once in the truck and it ran like piss. The reason I always buy Speedway is they also sell 110 leaded fuel which we use in one of our trucks, I have a Speedway credit card so I get 5 cents off the gallon every time and I have Speedy Rewards Points to cash in to get 50 cents off the gallon. By now I have enough points to get 50 cents off the gallon for the next 6 fill ups.
    • Mar 23, 2008 12:53:55 pm
    Thats the website Im using. Who buys from the MFA Oil Co, The Somerset Refinery Inc, Tri-Par Oil Co, ect..
    • Mar 23, 2008 1:10:05 pm
    Looks like I may be switching to Shell. Ive gone to every top tiers website and used there store locator. The only top tier station around is Shell.
    • Mar 23, 2008 2:48:16 pm
    what's so great about Top Tier gas? And does anyone know who their competitors are?
    • Mar 23, 2008 3:22:59 pm
    Top tier gas is higher quality; it burns cleaner, is more efficient and reduces the amount of carbon buildup in the head. I'm not going to say that you have to use it, but I do believe that it will help in the long run. I’ve never had trouble with Speedway gas, that’s why I’ve always used them; so I my or may not switch. If Shell has a credit card that will get the gas for a slightly discounted price, 5 cent off the gallon, I will buy gas from there whenever I'm in a town that has a Shell.

    And using that link Orin posted shows you who the top tier gas companies are. A good way to find the nearest station to you is google each one of the companies website and they all have a station locator on there site. For me Shell is the only one near, and its in another town that I do visit a few times a week.
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